Splitw 95
Split Missile

162-100 per rocket, 2 rockets total

Maximum Ammunition




The Split Missile is a weapon in Rise of the Triad 95.


The Split Missile looks somewhat like the Bazooka, but darker and with two barrels on the front of the weapon. Firing the Split Missile will release a rocket from each barrel. The rocket fired from the left barrel will go left, while the rocket that comes from the right barrel will go right. After a second of flying, the rockets will home in on an enemy. If there are multiple enemies, it is possible for each rocket to hit a different enemy, but this only occasionally happens. Sometimes when there are more than one enemies, both rockets will strike a foe, but only the first one will blow up the enemy. The other one will wander off and hit a wall. A Split Missile can be fired seven times before it runs out of ammo.

Rockets fired by the Split Missile will lock onto any nearby torches if there are any in a room.

This weapon does not appear in The HUNT Begins, the shareware version of the game. In the registered version of ‘’Rise of the Triad’’, it is a fairly uncommon weapon throughout the game.


  • The Split Missile is only useful at medium or long range. At close range, hitting enemies will be hard because the rockets will fly away from you, making it hard to hit an enemy that’s near you. You can position yourself so that the rockets will hit an enemy when they’re still spreading away from you, but there’s a chance that one of the rockets will hit something like a wall, which will hurt you.
  • The Split Missile is nice for quickly clearing out a group of enemies at range. Keeping your distance from the group will not only make it more likely that the enemies will miss, it also gives rockets from the Split Missile enough room to start homing on in enemies. Just stay back, open fire, and watch the rockets gib enemies while their bullets fly past you.
  • It can do serious damage to enemies with a lot of HP, like the Enforcer. Both rockets hitting can do from 200 to 324 damage (depending on how the game determines the damage), which does a significant amount of damage to an Enforcer and can kill both of the Monks in one shot.
  • Destroy any torches in a room before shooting the Split Missile. THe rockets will very likely lock onto the torches instead of enemies, which wastes a shot.



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