Porridge 95
Priest Porridge
Item effect

Restores 20 health when picked up. Gives 50 health if shot with explosive.

Priest Porridge is an item in Rise of the Triad 95 and Rise of the Triad 13.


Priest Porridge is a bowl of red food in 95, implied to be made from Human flesh, drawn from murdered priests. In ROTT '13, it is bowl of white food instead. When picked up, it gives the player 20 health.

If an explosion occurs near it (such as from a missile hitting a wall), it will be warmed up, being listed as "Priest Porridge Hot". When warmed up, it will heal 50 health points.


  • Heating up a Priest Porridge is usually a better idea than eating it uncooked. It gives a lot more health than an uncooked one does.
  • If you have a lot of health, keep a few hot Priest Porridges around a level. If you lose a lot of health later on, go back and pick up the hot Priest Porridges. Doing this can be a life saver, especially in harder difficulties.
  • If possible, try and use common explosive weapons, like the Bazooka, to warm up Priest Porridge. Rarer weapons, like the Firebomb, have a limited amount of ammo, so using a common explosive weapon to heat Priest Porridge up instead of rare weapons will help you get the most out of your weapons.
  • A good weapon to use when heating up Priest Porridge is a Bazooka dropped by enemies. It usually has far fewer ammo than the average Bazooka does, making it not very useful in extended firefights. Instead, use it to heat up Priest Porridge for later on.


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