Patrolrobot 95
Patrol Robot
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Health in Normal difficulty


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The Patrol Robot (or Robot Guard) is an enemy in Rise of the Triad 95.


The Patrol Robot is a small grey robot with an antennae on top of his head. In the middle of his body is a slot that fires explosive disks. These disks have medium speed and the robot fires them fairly slow. They usually patrol an area slowly until they see you, upon which they’ll start lobbing disks.

The Patrol Robot is immune to the Pistol, Dual Pistols, the MP40, and the Firebomb. Explosives (except the Firebomb) and magical weapons will do full damage.

The Patrol Robot first appears in E3A1 and appears throughout Caves Below. It also appears in The HUNT Begins.


  • The Patrol Robot’s projectiles can be easily dodged simply by strafing. The disks are slow enough that dodging is easy, especially if the robot is in a large room.
  • Asbestos Armor greatly reduces how much damage the Patrol Robot’s disks do. Picking one up may be a good idea if you expect to fight multiple Patrol Robots with other enemies.
  • A single Bazooka can blow up a Patrol Robot in one shot, no matter the difficulty. The Heat-Seeker also works well.
  • Multiple Patrol Robots can be take out with the Bazooka as well. Really powerful weapons, like the Firebomb are a waste against them because of how weak they are.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Patrol Robot’s sprite is a digitized version of a real model created by Gregor Punchantz, who also created enemy models for Doom [1].





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