Monkmeal 95
Monk Meal
Item effect

Restores 10 health when picked up. In RoTT 13, gives 20 health if shot with explosive.

Monk Meal is an item in Rise of the Triad 95 and Rise of the Triad 13.


Monk Meal is a small bowl of white food. It gives 10 health when picked up.

In Rise of the Triad 13, it can be heat up by firing an explosive weapon at it. If it is picked up after being heated up, it will give 20 health.


  • Monk Meal works well for healing up if you’ve taken a small amount of damage. However, it doesn't heal remotely enough, especially in RoTT 95, to be useful for recovering a lot of lost health. You should be using Priest Porridge (preferably heated up) in order to recover a lot of health.
  • Heating up Monk Meal in Rise of the Triad 13 is a good idea. Receiving 20 instead of 10 health makes it a lot more useful than it would be normally.
  • Use a common weapon, such as the Bazooka, to heat up Monk Meal. Doing this will allow you to conserve ammo for rarer weapons that have a small amount of ammo, such as the Firebomb or the Split Missile. You lose a lot more using a shot from a rarer and more effective weapon to heat up a Monk Meal instead of using something like the Bazooka.


  • The Rise of the Triad 95 manual calls Monk Meal "Guard Grub".


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