Mercurymodepickup 95
Mercury Mode
Item effect

Allows you to fly for 30 seconds.

Mercury Mode is an item in Rise of the Triad 95 and Rise of the Triad 13.


Mercury Mode appears as a foot with wings on it in a capsule. Picking it up allows you to fly for 30 seconds in both games. The RoTT 95 version uses the “look up” and “look down” keys to fly, while the RoTT 13 version uses mouse look. In RoTT 13, you’ll have huge wings while using it.

RoTT 13 allows you to combine Mercury Mode with other powerups, like Dog Mode.


  • Before picking up a Mercury Mode, scout the area to see if you can find some areas that are out of reach, but could be reached if you could fly up. When you have Mercury Mode, you can fly over and grab the goodies ASAP.
  • Mercury Mode is particularly useful for Doug Wendt, as his slow speed prevents you from reaching certain secrets that other characters could reach. With Mercury Mode, you can fly over and grab goodies that you otherwise couldn’t.


Rise of the Triad 95

Rise of the Triad 13


  • Mercury Mode refers to the Roman God Mercury, who wore shoes with wings on them. A foot with wings is Mercury Mode’s icon.

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