Lightingguard 95
Lighting Guard
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Health in Normal difficulty


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Kevin Green

Voiced by

William Scarboro

The Lighting Guard is an enemy in Rise of the Triad 95.


The Lighting Guard is a guy in an olive trenchcoat and is wearing a helmet. Statistically, he is similar to the Low Guard, as he has low HP (but more than the Low Guard) and a pistol. He makes up for his low HP and weak pistol with several deadly tricks.

First, the LIghting Guard can steal your weapons and use them against you if he gets close to you. Anything, from the Firebomb to the MP40, will be his if he gets his hands on them. This makes him potentially one of the most dangerous foes in the game, as he can wipe you out in one shot with something like the Firebomb.

Lighting Guards can also spawn with Bazookas. This makes them very dangerous, as their rockets can do a lot of damage and there’s no way to tell that they have a Bazooka until they fire. However, they only have three shots in their Bazookas. When a Bazooka-wielding Lighting Guard dies, he drops his Bazooka. Bazooka-toting Lighting Guards are more common in Hard and Crezzy Man difficulties than Normal and Easy difficulties.

Finally, Lighting Guards can plead for their lives if they’re almost dead. However, it’s a ruse; if you let them live, they’ll get back up and try and shoot you in the back.


  • In higher difficulties, make sure to take these guys down ASAP. Suddenly eating a rocket to the face that you couldn’t avoid because of one of these guys is no fun.
  • another tactic, although risky, is that, if you have a powerup (tested on bulletproof armor) if the powerup is close to expire, you can let them steal the powerup, then kill him, and you will recover the powerup with the full time available again.
  • The MP40 works just fine for taking out one Lighting Guard, as it’ll constantly stun him until he dies.
  • Groups of Lighting Guards are best taken out with weapons like the Firebomb or the Flamewall, especially in higher difficulties. You don't want to give any of them the chance to fire off a Bazooka if they have it.
  • When with other enemies, the Lighting Guard should be taken out ASAP. Any of them could have a Bazooka, which means that they can kill you out much faster than other enemies, except for the Enforcer. Use whatever you want; MP40, Bazooka, Drunk Missile; whatever. Just make sure he’s down.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • An alternate Lighting Guard played by William Scarboro was meant to be in the game, but was removed. A sprite from the alternate Lighting Guard appears in the credits.



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