Godmodepickup 95
God Mode
Item effect

Turns you into an invincible god that fires insta-kill magic balls and makes funny noises for 30 seconds.

God Mode is a powerup in Rise of the Triad 95 and Rise of the Triad 13.


God Mode appears as a hand with a blue aura in a capsule. When picked up, you will turn into a literal god; you’ll grow several feet/meters, become invincible to enemy attacks, have the ability to fire homing balls called GodFire that instantly kill enemies from your right hand, and most importantly, make weird moaning noises that sound like a mix of yawning and “murrahhhh”. God Mode lasts around 30 seconds.

In RoTT 95, God Mode appears in both the shareware and registered version of the game. In both games, God Mode is extremely rare throughout the game and is usually found in secrets.

God Mode is one of the powers that can be obtained in a Random Powerup in RoTT 95.


  • As soon as you get God Mode, charge forward and smite as enemies as you can instead of doing things like bothering with puzzles and secrets. You can clear out a good amount of enemies in a level if you start attacking as soon as you get God Mode.


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