Gasmaskpickup 95
Gas Mask
Item effect

Makes you take no damage from Gas for 30 seconds.

The Gas Mask is an item in Rise of the Triad 95.


The Gas Mask a green gas mask. When picked up, it will protect you from Gas for 30 seconds. It’ll also put a gas mask-shaped overlay on your screen while it is active. The HUD icon for it appears in the slot that Bulletproof Armor and Asbestos Armor’s icon use.

The Gas Mask appears in both the shareware and registered versions of the game.


  • If you find a Gas Mask while exploring, pick it up and be ready for gas to come through in a nearby room.
  • The overlay the Gas Mask puts on your screen significantly reduces your field of vision. You’ll need to be more careful and aware of your surroundings than usual while it is active.



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