Flamewallw 95

Instant death to anything except robots and bosses

Maximum Ammunition




The Flamewall is a weapon in Rise of the Triad 95.


The Flamewall looks like a hybrid of a flamethrower and a rocket launcher. It is basically a rocket launcher with a flamethrower backpack attached to it. When the fire key is hit, the Flamewall will launch a rocket that goes straight for a second, then suddenly dips down and hits the floor. After the rocket hits the floor, it will create a giant wall of flame that spreads to the width of the room it was fired in (except for very large rooms), which then goes forward until it hits a wall. If the flame wall hits the target, it will instantly kill anything it touches. The only enemies immune to it are robots and bosses. If a rocket hits an enemy before it hits the ground, it will explode, but not create a wall of fire. A fresh Flamewall has five rockets.

It is one of the rarest explosive weapons in the game because of how powerful it is. Most Flamewalls are hidden in secrets, but you can occasionally find one in the open.


  • A single Flamewall blast will clear out a group of enemies in one shot, no matter how many enemies are in the group. This makes the Flamewall the ultimate weapon for clearing out groups of enemies.
  • The Flamewall is the perfect weapon for taking down an Enforcer or multiple Enforcers because the Flamewall will kill an Enforcer in one shot, no matter the difficulty.
  • The Flamewall is useless against bosses. Before facing a boss, swap it with something else, such as a Firebomb or a Bazooka.
  • The flames shot by the Flamewall do no damage to the Patrol Robot. Swap the Flamewall for another explosive weapon. Trying to use the rocket that the Flamewall initially shoots on the Patrol Robot is a waste of ammo and is much riskier than doing something like shooting it with a Bazooka.
  • Make sure there’s some distance between you and the enemies when you fire the gun. A rocket hitting an enemy instead of the floor is a waste of a rocket.
  • On the other hand, make sure that enemies aren’t close to you when you fire, even if the rocket won't hit an enemy. Enemies will not be harmed by the Flamewall if they’re in the area between you and where the rocket hits the floor.
  • Conserve Flamewall shots for situations where it’s really needed. The low amount of rockets it holds means that each shot needs to count. If you blow a rocket or two on a single weak enemy, it means you have one less rocket for when you really need it. Instead, use the MP40 or Dual Pistols to take out a single weak foe so you can conserve Flamewall ammo for when it’s really needed.



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