Firebombw 95

242-150 per rocket

Maximum Ammunition




The Firebomb is a weapon in Rise of the Triad 95.


The Firebomb is a medium-sized rocket launcher with a blocky front and a curved stock. When the fire key is hit, the Firebomb shoots a rocket. After it hits something, the rocket will create a plus-shaped series of explosions that inflict heavy damage on enemies. If the rocket directly hits a target, it’ll deal even more damage. Each of these explosions will deal heavy damage to anyone in the way of one or near one. A fresh Firebomb has five rockets.

Firebombs are fairly uncommon. Some Firebombs can be found in the open, but quite a few are hidden in secrets. Boss levels often have several Firebombs hidden in secret areas to give the player a good amount of firepower for taking out a boss.


  • The Firebomb is perfect for quickly clearing out a group of enemies. A single shot can wipe out an entire group with ease.
  • When using the Firebomb against a group, try to position yourself so that the rocket will strike at a point where the explosions from the blast will reach all or most of the enemies in the group. A good place to hit is the center of the group.
  • The Firebomb is also handy for dealing with Enforcers. A single rocket can kill or severely injure an Enforcer, no matter the difficulty. As always, make sure that the rocket hits the Enforcer directly instead of nearby for maximum damage. As a bonus, the Firebomb will likely clear out any enemies nearby, giving you some breathing room if the Enforcer was not killed by the rocket.
  • Firebombs are also very effective against bosses. A single blast that directly hits the target will do a good amount of damage to a boss, making it easier to take them out with other weapons.
  • Do not ever fire a Firebomb in close quarters. The Firebomb will very likely blow you to bits because of the large amount of explosions it causes.
  • Be careful when using the Firebomb. A fresh one holds only five rounds, making it easy to run out of ammo for it if you do things like waste a shot against a single weak enemy. Use the MP40 against one weak foe, then break out the Firebomb when there are several enemies at once or when facing something like Enforcers or a boss.



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