Excalibatw 95

160-120 per ball. 50 when hitting an enemy with it

Maximum Ammunition




The Excalibat is a weapon in Rise of the Triad 95.


The Excalibat is a common baseball bat that has been infused with El Oscuro’s magic. This makes it glow green, makes it much more powerful than your average baseball bat, and gives it the ability to fire magic baseballs that deal significant damage when used. When the fire key is pressed, you’ll swing the baseball bat, which does a good amount of good, but usually not lethal, amount of damage to an enemy. If you hold the fire key down for a few seconds, the bat will unleash a wall of magical baseballs that do a large amount of damage. This is called an “Excalibast” in the manual. The Excalibat can be swung an infinite amount of times, but the Excaliblast can be used ten times.

In Dark War, the Excalibat first appears in E2A1 and is one of the rarer weapons in it. Most of the Excalibats can be found in secrets. It does not appear in the shareware version of the game, The HUNT Begins.


  • Using the Excalibat’s baseball attack is not a good idea in tight areas. Several of the baseballs will hit a wall, which will deal a significant amount of damage to you. Either use the regular swing attack, or better, use another weapon.
  • In a large area, the Excalibat’s baseball attack can do a good bit of damage. A large area will give the baseballs
  • When using the baseball attack, a good idea is to find the enemies you want to use it on, then hide behind something and hit the fire key. When the Excalibat is about to fire, get out of cover and let the balls fly. Doing this will prevent enemies from being able to take shots at you without you being able to retaliate.
  • The Excalibat’s regular swing attack is somewhat risky because you have to get right next to someone in order to use it and it doesn’t do a lot of damage. However, it is fun beating the hell out of someone with the bat, so feel free to rush a weak enemy or two with it.



  • The Excalibat’s name is a combination of the Excalibur, the sword used by the King Arthur in many of the Arthurian legends, and bat, a shorthand name for a baseball bat.


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