Elasto 95
Elasto Mode
Item effect

Makes you bounce around and slide around like you’re on ice.

Elasto Mode is an item in Rise of the Triad 95 and Rise of the Triad 13.


Elasto Mode appears as a bouncing ball inside a capsule. When picked up, it reduces your friction to the point where you slide around when taking a simple step and makes it so that you bounce off of walls. In RoTT 95, the effect lasts for 15 seconds. In RoTT 13, it lasts about 10 seconds.

Elasto Mode is often used as a trap to make things harder for you. Some rooms with lots of traps or walls will have an unavoidable Elasto Mode to make it hard getting through the room alive.

It is one of the powerups you can get from a Random Powerup.


  • If you get an Elasto Mode pickup, the best thing to do is to not move until it wears off. Elasto Mode makes it really difficult to avoid traps in one piece, so staying still makes it impossible for it to send you flying into something like a Spinner.
  • If you’re moving while in Elasto Mode, take your fingers off the movement keys. Not hitting any movement keys will reduce the amount you move when you’re sliding and bounce when you hit a wall, making it easier to stand still.


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