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El Oscuro (The Dark in English) is the final boss and main antagonist in Rise of the Triad 95.


El Oscuro is the figure worshiped by the Oscuridos, a cult found on San Nicolas island, an island 20 miles off the coast of Los Angeles. The Oscuridos plan on killing millions for the glory of El Oscuro. He wields immense magical power. Two of the weapons in the game, the Dark Staff and the Excalibat, have been created from El Oscuro’s power.

Normally, Oscuro looks like a human wearing several dark brown robes that says threats in Latin while attacking. When his powers have been drained from attacking for a while, he’ll revert to his true form, Snake Oscuro.

Oscuro has three attacks by default; a green ball of electricity, a deluge of blue energy balls, and a human-face shaped fireball. All of these attacks do a significant amount of damage.

If Oscuro is attacked, he will counter attack with a magical version of the weapon used against him. For example, if you hit him with a Heat Seeker, Oscuro will retaliate with a red orb that will attempt to home in on you.


  • The only way to defeat him is to not shoot him. After attacking for a while, he’ll retreat and open the way to E4A8. Shooting him will only make him stronger.
  • Take out any nearby enemies so you can avoid his attacks without having to juggle dodging his attacks and enemy fire.
  • To dodge his attacks, simply strafe around him. He’ll never be able to hit you.


  • One of Oscuro’s threats when you fight him is a Latin version of “Eat your veggies!”. “Eat your veggies” is the name of the song that plays in Commander Keen: Secret of the Oracle in the level that the Dopefish appears.



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