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The Dual Pistols are a weapon in Rise of the Triad 95.


The Dual Pistols are two Walther PPK pistols, with one held in each hand. Each Pistol has unlimited ammo and does not need to be reloaded. Compared to the single Pistol, the Dual Pistols do the same amount of damage as a single Pistol, but has double the fire rate of the single Pistol. Picking up the Dual Pistols makes the single PIstol obsolete.

Each bullet from the Dual Pistols will briefly stun an enemy. Constantly firing at them will stun them so much that they’ll rarely, if ever, be able to shoot.

The Dual Pistols, along with the Pistol and MP40, cannot harm robots or bosses.

This weapon can be obtained by picking up an extra Pistol found in a level. The player can still switch back to a single Pistol when they have Dual Pistols.An extra Pistol can be found very early in most levels in order to give the player a good amount of firepower when starting a level.


  • The Dual Pistols are a slightly more powerful alternative to the MP40. Each shot does three more damage than an MP40 bullet does, making it useful if you want to try something different. However, the Dual Pistol’s lower firerate means that it won’t keep an enemy stunned as much as the MP40 will.
  • Dual Pistols are great for quickly getting rid of enemies with low health, like Low Guards and Strike Force. using it against foes such as the High Guard and the Enforcer is risky, as the Dual Pistols don’t stun enemies as often as the MP40 does, which gives them more room to suddenly open fire.


  • Not firing single or dual Pistols throughout a level will give you the “Democratic Bonus 1” at the end of a level.


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