Drunkw 95
Drunk Missile

52-26 per rocket, 5 rockets total per shot

Maximum Ammunition




The Drunk Missile is a weapon in Rise of the Triad 95.


The Drunk Missile looks very similar to the Bazooka, but is darker, has a square-shaped thing on it’s side, and a slightly-different grip.It fires five rockets when the fire key is hit. These rockets will randomly roam around when shot, but will quickly lock onto an enemy. If a target is killed before all of the rockets hit them, the rest of the rockets will roam around until they find someone else to target. Each of these missiles do the least amount of damage per rocket out of all the explosive weapons, but can do a lot of damage if more than one hit a target. A fresh Drunk Missile can be fired seven times before ammo is depleted.

Rockets fired by the Drunk Missile will lock onto any nearby torches.

Drunk Missiles appear in all versions of the game.


  • The Drunk Missile is a good way to clear out crowds of enemies. A spread of rockets will take out at least one enemy in the group and either kill or severely injure the others.
  • Unlike other crowd-control weapons, using it against a single enemy is not a waste of ammo. It has a larger amount of ammo compared to the Firebomb and the Flamewall, so feel free to use it to quickly take down an annoying enemy.
  • It is also a good anti-Enforcer weapon. If most or all the rockets hit, the Enforcer will take a significant amount of damage. Two to three should should be enough to turn an Enforcer into gibs.
  • Multiple Enforcers can also be taken down with ease by using the Drunk Missile. Look at them, open fire and let the rockets do the rest.
  • If there are any torches in the room, destroy them with the MP40 before firing the Drunk Missile. At least one rocket will home in on the torches, making a shot not as effective as it should be.



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