Dogmodepickup 95
Dog Mode

30 per bite, 100 per BarkBlast

Dog Mode is a powerup in Rise of the Triad 95.


Dog Mode appears as a flashing bone in a capsule. When picked up, you turn into a dog. This is a good thing, as you become invincible, can maul enemies to death by jumping on and biting them at the same time, shoot a powerful shockwave called the BarkBlast, and go into areas that would otherwise be impossible to enter. Dog Mode lasts 30 seconds.

In order to use the BarkBlast, you need to hold down the fire key for a few seconds. After a few seconds, a shockwave will automatically be released. While the key is being held down, you’ll hear barking that starts out slow, but quickly becomes fast. The faster the bark is, the closer it’ll be until the BarkBlast is released.

Areas that can only be accessed as a dog are marked with a wall that has a small opening at the bottom.

Dog Mode only appears in the registered version of the game, Dark War.


  • When facing strong enemies like Monks or the Enforcer, maul them to death instead of using the shockwave. The shockwave takes too long and does too little damage against them to be very useful.
  • Before picking up a Dog Mode, scout the area and see if you can find any small passages that you could fit into while as a dog. There are some areas that are impossible to enter if you aren’t a dog, so checking beforehand is a good idea.
  • Dog Mode’s bite attack can be used as a primitive way to jump, as it makes you jump forward for a small distance when you use it.
  • Even though you’re invincible, you can still die if you fall off of the level.


  • If you are smashed by a Crusher while in Dog Mode, you’ll revert to your original size. You’ll still be a dog, though.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The dog used for Dog Mode is actually Loki, George Broussard’s dog at the time RoTT 95 was developed.


  • When you pick up Dog Mode, you’ll look like a small version of a HUNT member, but with a cartoony dog head.
  • If you reach the exit as a dog, a MIDI and silly-sounding version of the song “How Much is that Doggy in the Window” will play in the results screen.
  • Dog is God backwards.


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